Chickity China the Chinese Chicken

A coworker started singing these Barenaked Ladies lyrics before my trip and then I COULD NOT get them out of my head!

And then they served us chicken feet at lunch on day two of our conference.  Chicken. Feet. We’re not in Kansas anymore, kids!

Chicken Feet

I may not have eaten a lot on this trip – but I was definitely on sensory overload from bingeing on all of the sites! History > Food.

Two weeks ago, I was fortunate to go on a business trip to work at an industry event with over 300 attendees from both the US and China.  It was an amazing experience!  China was not a place that was on my “must visit” – but you can’t turn down a trip that is mostly underwritten by your job!  Squeezing in 2.5 days of sight-seeing in a jam-packed 9 day trip was exhausting and amazing.  Most of all I loved meeting the people, especially our tour guides who gave us a really great insight into their lives and also the Ex Pats that we met and partnered with on our event.

During our short time to sight-see, I visited the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs at Changling, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, a jade factory, the Silk Market and the Pearl Market.  The time change was brutal (12 hours!) and I’m not sure I ever actually adjusted fully.  But little sleep and few meals could not keep me from absorbing what I could.

A handful of images from my trip:


 VIP Dinner


 Beijing 1


 Lion Forbidden City

Great Wall

Great Wall 2

Great Wall 3

Great Wall 4

 Dragon Boat

Ming Tomb

 Summer Palace

Street Veggies

 Temple of Heaven

Ni Hao!

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