Pitch Slapped

Can I go back in time and be, among other things, an awesomely amazing a capella singer?

Please do yourself a favor (if you, like me, are young-at-heart, sometimes misses college, sings really loud in her car even though you’re no good, Glee/Chicago/Wicked infatuated, desk-dances (yes, it’s a thing), connoisseur of angsty-movie love stories, and think Rebel Wilson is highlarious, even if you only know her from Bridesmaids) and go see Pitch Perfect.

I bought the soundtrack two weeks before I saw the movie, because I am a big fan of a capella.  I love Peter Hollens, the Sing Off, and Aurel Pleasure (AU’s men’s a capella group circa 1999).  And AFTER the movie.  I’m just in love.  If I was 16, I would lay on the floor in my parent’s living room and probably watch it over and over, on VHS.  Hubs even loved it, he would consider seeing it again in the theatre.  He can actually sing a bit, and wishes he could go back and be in the a capella group! 

Don’t let me get you too excited.  This isn’t an epic, Oscar-worthy movie.  It isn’t as funny as The Hangover, certainly won’t live forever like The Breakfast Club, and isn’t an edge of your seat thriller/action movie (confession, love The Avengers). But friends, it’s so fun.  It’s a great little love story, wrapped up in tons of singing that left me Googling all weekend if Anna Kendrick really sings (apparently she does).  Honestly, this movie is darling.  Take a break from all that real life stuff (ummm…I sure need one!) and check it out!

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