Anniversary 2.0

I’ve been MIA, I know.  And I’ve composed a post in my head NEARLY every day.  I’ve got so much to share, and none of it noteworthy, exciting or scintillating.  Follow me on Twitter for a constant stream of my nonesense!  But today, I had to put up at least a quick love note.  It’s our second anniversary!  In typical GwenniePie family fashion, Hubs has the day off…to take his mother to the doctor.  Confession: I don’t think she realizes today is our anniversary.  But perhaps I’m wrong.  She has been inviting us over for dinner, and it just hasn’t worked out for a few days.  Tonight, Hubs and I are heading to the Capital Grille for a wine and steak induced coma. I’m looking forward to it! 

This is what I’m giving Hubs, he dosen’t know it yet, but he won’t see this before he opens them later.

Hubs has been saying he needs more cufflinks – and my man loves his guns!  I am sure he is going to get a kick out of them!

Sis said in her MOH toast at our wedding, “Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down,” and reminded us to enjoy the ride through the highs and lows.  We certainly do that, through it all.  So a very happy second anniversary to my Hubs! I love you more every day and every year!

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