So Call Me, Baby?

Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant.  I rarely wake up asking myself “Where did that come from?” – I can almost always associate my dreams with something that happened during the day or just before bed.  In yesterday’s case, we were at a housewarming party where another guest was 38 weeks pregnant and we spent some time chatting about babies.  So that’s where I know this all started from.  The weird thing about my dream last night, was that I was pregnant, and then suddenly I had a baby.  There was no labor in the dream, probably because I fear pain and don’t actually care to think about that part!  Anyway, suddenly I had a long, lanky baby (Hubs was 29.5 inches long when he was born) and weirder still, I wasn’t prepared AT ALL.  VERY unlike me.

At one point, I was at my grandmother’s with the baby and she was holding him.  Then my girlfriends from Virginia, many of whom have kids now, were there and they were judging how saggy his (it’s a boy!) diaper was.  I was mortified.  I didn’t even have a diaper bag, let alone a single diaper.  I didn’t have a blanket to wrap the kid in.  I borrowed a far too big diaper from a friend and decided to leave.  I needed to go to the store!  Except, I didn’t have an infant seat in my car.  I had no way to transport my child.  Somehow, I got somewhere (this part gets fuzzy) and suddenly I was late for work.  Keep in mind, this is supposedly like a few days after having a baby.  I was so frustrated for being late when I realized I hadn’t told any of my coworkers I’d had my baby!  And duh, that meant I was on maternity leave now.  I went to email my boss to let him know, but I couldn’t remember the baby’s name!  Hubs and I hadn’t decided between the two names we’ve already settled on for a boy (IRL we do already know our preferred names).  I didn’t know my child’s name.  Also, Hubs never made an appearance in this dream.  At some point, I ended up at a SweetGreen’s next to a Walmart and was waiting forever for my salad so I could go into the Walmart and get the things I needed for the baby, but the service was really slow.

Is my subconscious telling me that I’m not ready to have a baby right now?  That I need to eat more salad?  Be more patient?  Stop being so tied to my job?

Hubs and I last night.  Not pregnant, but maybe a little drunk.

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2 responses to “So Call Me, Baby?

  1. smklie

    Here’s my interpretation: You want the baby to be here, but you don’t feel ready yet because you want to lose the weight first. You were waiting in line at Sweet Green and it was taking forever because losing the weight is a slow, frustrating process.

    BUT get any thoughts of us judging you (for anything!) out of your head! We love you no matter what.

    Love your guts, Gwenie Pie.

  2. I once dreamed that we had a baby but I couldn’t take the baby home because I didn’t have a car seat! My husband was nowhere to be found so my dad & I are at walmart buying a car seat so I can go back to the hospital to get the baby. Needless to say, the car seat will be the first item we purchase when we do have kids!

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