Easy Like Friday Morning

My boss went to an event last night where Lionel Richie performed and he just showed me a clip of him (Richie, not my boss) “Easy like Sunday morning,” hence today’s title.  And really, doesn’t everything seem a bit easier on Friday mornings?

Speaking of my boss, yesterday when he asked how I was in the morning, I said something to the effect of “Fanfuckingtastic!”  Thrilled with the response, he said he wanted more days like that.  I told him that life is awesome when you have a new car.  Cause it is.

Also making my Friday morning a little easier, or lighter rather:

Down 3.6 – I’ll take that!  This week I actually think I earned it, too.  I walked 14.66 miles and earned 40 activity points.  BAM!

We’ve I’ve been here before – 308.6 was my friend just about a month ago.  And then travel and weddings and such happened.  But I am determined.  I will be OUT of the 300s by the end of October – hopefully sooner!

Easy like Friday morning – I’m going to work for another one of these come next week! Happy weekend!

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One response to “Easy Like Friday Morning

  1. stef

    yay!!! good job.

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