The End of an Era

Before I tell you about my wonderful week in Vermont and my cousin’s super wonderful wedding, I need to share some news with you.  It’s the end of an era.  One of my longest relationships ever has come to a close.  Monday, I said good-bye to one of my closest friends, who was always there for me, up until recently when she got weak, and started to give up on me.

That’s right friends.  After 11 years together, I said good-bye to my second car ever, my first NEW car ever, my beloved 2001 Hyundai Elantra.  Hubs assures me that she has moved on to greener pastures and will continue to live a happy life with a family that will take care of her and really needs her.  No really, he had to say those things to be because I was CRYING.  11 years is a long time, my Elantra and I shared a lot of memories together.  Over 105,000 miles!  Countless trips to and from Vermont!  Spring break road trip to Florida in 2002!  The truck route to Dewey Beach in 2005!  But it was time for us to move on.

We’re already making memories together with our new 2012 Toyota Highlander.

Like, going to the grocery store!

It really was actually an emotional experience, and a little sooner than planned, but I know that this move is totally worth it.  With this Highlander, we’ll share many more trips to Vermont, hopefully someday with a backseat full of kids and dogs!  I’m mom-mobile ready!  Now to get this body into shape so we can get a hop on that!

RIP Elantra!  You will be missed but never forgotten.

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6 responses to “The End of an Era

  1. Aww! RIP, Elantra! You need to name your new baby. Maybe you should take a poll. I vote for Sass Wagon.

  2. Oh – endings are hard. And I KNOW you were crying… Love the new car. New is fun.

  3. I’d be sad too! I get way too attached to my cars. I love your new car though! We are hoping to get rid of hubby’s car next year and get something SUVish.

  4. Oh no! So sad. My husband just inherited my 10 year old car and I got a new HIghlander. You’ll love it!

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