No Weigh, Jose

So, the last two weeks have been a bit busy, in every which way but work that is.  Work has been blissfully quiet on most fronts due to Congress’ August recess.  Certainly can’t complain there!  But socially, we’ve gone out a lot/too much in the last 14 days.  This week hasn’t been so bad, actually, but I still have not been “on point” or “on PointsPlus” I should say. 

But can I tell you, this isn’t as bad as I was thinking it would/could be.

Up 1.6 since two weeks ago.  And while that isn’t as bad as I was thinking it would/could have been,  it still isn’t good.

I’m really serious about wanting to get back down to my lowest weight.  I can’t even explain to you the embarrassment and shame that I carry for having regained the weight I worked so hard to lose.  I know it wasn’t easy before, but good gracious, it REALLY isn’t easy now.  I need to really step it up, recognize my weaknesses, limit my indulgences and monitor my portions.  AKA, bitch needs to stop overeating.

Also, working out more needs to happen.  After working out after work last week and meeting Hubs for dinner, he remarked how great it was to see me happy and in a good mood.  I NEED to work out, not only for my body, but for my mind.  I’ve also gotten really into biking the last couple of weeks, and it’s been so, so fun.

A little Pinterest inspiration:

So this upcoming week:

  • Saturday - AM Workout: Bike approx 45 mins
  • Sunday - AM Workout: Bike approx 45 mins
  • Monday - AM Workout: Yoga DVD PM Workout: 30 mins bike at gym
  • Tuesday - AM Workout: Bike approx 45 mins
  • Wednesday (in Vermont!) - AM Workout: 3 mile walk
  • Thursday (in Vermont) - AM Workout: 3 mile walk
  • Friday (in Vermont) - AM Workout: 3 mile walk

On the menu – ALL of our CSA veggies, and other light, non-puffy foods.  No chips, no grease.  LOTS of water.  I can’t lose 100 (or 10) pounds before my cousins’ wedding at this point, but I can at least watch things carefully.  I will also continue to track everything (EVERYTHING, it’s been eye-opening).  Tonight, we have dinner plans out, but I am going to try to make that it between now and our VT departure (we love to go out!)!

We come back Monday, and I hope to jump right back into a solid routine once we do!

I continue to remind myself that I’m not just in this for me – I REALLY want a family.  And I won’t move forward with that until I am in a healthier place!  I know I can do this…cause I already have!

Happy Friday!


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3 responses to “No Weigh, Jose

  1. I really like your pinterest quotes!

  2. Careful it could be that you gained muscle which is why you gained weight. This is a good thing!

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