Where I Come From

I don’t listen to country music near often enough.  When I do, this is how I feel:

For Real.

Recently I asked Fancy to make me a country music mix, as I am woefully out of date.  She passed the task along to Bruce (have I said before/enough that I love that one of my bffs is with my cousin?!) who made me a CD filled to the brim with new (to me at least) country hits.  A new to me favorite:


That isn’t the video I was picturing in my head.  See, when I heard this song for the first time, I was on my way to work, passing Gravelly Point as a plane took off into the sun and out of the city.  It was sort of symbolic.  Where I come from is not where I live.   You can choose where you live, but you cannot choose where you come from.  And sometimes, a lot lately, I want the place I choose to live and the place I come from to be the same.  I want to go back to Vermont.

It may just be that I am feeling the pull because I am going back next week, but only to visit.  It is finally time for Sis to get married!  These nine months have FLOWN by.  Plus, in addition to wedding fun, I will get to see my brother and give him a hug for the first time in three years.  Plus seeing my parents and the dogs, I just can’t wait to get there.

As I continue to get older and Hubs and I talk more and more about our family and our future, I feel so torn as to where I want to be.  DC is where our livelihood is, where we work and play and I couldn’t possibly love this city more.  But I certainly don’t love it more than my family.  And they’re all in Vermont (or at least a reasonable drive away!).

The other day I sent Hubs some listings in Stowe, Vermont.  Up there, you can buy beautiful homes, with plenty of bathrooms and bedrooms and land for the same price you pay to be on a crowded cul-de-sac in a questionable school district down here.

I mean, I’m not sure what we’d do there for work.  We’d clearly have to take salary cuts.  Of course there is the winter to consider.  And it is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder…

…but I miss my family.  I miss living so close to them.

Hubs and I own two properties down here.  We live in one and rent the other.  The possibility of moving back into the townhouse in Fairfax always seems to be on the horizon.  More space is so attractive.  But the commute, not so much.  I may as well live in Vermont as drive from Fairfax to Old Town every day!

::Le Sigh::

I think I’m just excited to go home and see my family and at the same time, excited at the prospect of starting a family of our own.  Or it may just be August, when all is calm, all is bright, and I just have too much time on my hands to ponder.  Hey, do you think they’d let me work from Vermont?!

Happy Tuesday.

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