The GwenniePie 500

Feeling all growed up today – this is my 500th post!  And also, wasn’t I stinkin’ cute?  FWIW, I’m sitting in an Avon Box in this picture, a classic toy from our childhood (my grandma was an Avon lady!), but the short shorts that my mom dressed me in were a little revealing, so I cropped it a bit!

500 posts isn’t entirely accurate, since GwenniePie is actually my FOURTH blog (Paint DC Pink, The Incredible Shrinking Gwen, Gwen Marie Runs Marine Corp) and only one post from PDCP was imported over here.  So technically, this is my 451st post on GwenniePie, which was born on February 11, 2009.  My earliest archived post from here is from August 11, 2005 and is the only one from PDCP.  It’s been a long seven years since I wrote that first blog with two girlfriends and a lot has certainly changed since I set-up shop over here too.  But I’m glad that I’ve had this, my own little piece of the interwebs, to chronicle my life, my struggles and my successes and share my experiences, if only with myself sometimes!

In the grand scheme of blogging, 500 posts isn’t really that impressive, there are lots of blogs I read that are updated two or three times a day!  But for me, I think it’s a fairly momentous occasion that I didn’t want to let pass without some kind of acknowledgment.

Blogging allows me to express a side of myself that I don’t necessarily get to in my everyday (work) life, to share stories and life stuff publicly (in hopes that you all like me as much as I do), and have a way of putting it all out there into the universe.  I would like to blog more often.  I would like more readers, more people to love and adore me.  That’s what it all comes down to (this coming from the girl who admittedly voted for herself to be “Everyone’s Best Friend” in the senior superlatives for the yearbook #noshame).  In all seriousness, I know that I appreciate reading blogs so much.  I appreciate all that the writers put into sharing and love feeling connected to people and their stories, even if I don’t REALLY know them.  So I hope that people get a bit of that from me as well here.  And I appreciate those that do take the time to read my musings.

I’ll probably never be more famous than I already am in my own head, and that’s okay.  GwenniePie probably won’t make me my millions, and that’s okay.  I will probably have a margarita tonight, and that’s okay, too.

Here’s to 500 more, mama!

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7 responses to “The GwenniePie 500

  1. stef

    love your blog!

  2. Melissa

    You are totally famous

  3. I think 500 is a BIG deal. So glad I get this view into what goes on inside your head.

  4. myJulie

    You’ve come a long way from PDCP. Happy 500, Mama!

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