Why I Am the Way I Am

Hubs and I often find ourselves talking about certain traits, behaviors, and routines that we inherited from our parents and the ways in which we were raised.  The realization came quickly, we were not raised the same way!  One funny thing about me?  I never really unpack in a hotel room.  Growing up, we never stayed in one hotel for that long.  Now, having taken longer trips to one spot, mostly on business travel, I obviously hang up most of my clothes. But I never put anything in the drawers and never unpack my underwear!

Anyway, I thought this was a perfect of example of “why I am the way I am” or “where I get it from.”  My parents are embarking on a two week trip with their best friends, Bill and Kathy.  Both couples celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary two years ago, when Hubs and I got hitched, and this is a trip that’s been in the works ever since.  When I was growing up, all of our trips were planned, nearly to the hour, and I always watched my mom save for our big trips for at least a year if not more.  My mom sent me their itinerary and I couldn’t wait to share it with Hubs.  It looks ahmazingingly fun, and I am very tempted to just copy it someday!  It also explains ALOT about me…


DAY 1  – Arrive in Colorado 4:40 (6:40 our time) drive to Custer, SD Staying at Bavarian Inn

DAY 2 – Visit Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood, Gold Mine, Devils Tower to Cody Wyoming Staying at Big Bear Motel in Cody

DAY 3 – Drive to Buffalo Bill Dam, Yellowstone National Park  see Yellowstone Lake, Mud Volcano, Falls, Canyon continue to Roosevelt – Cookout Mike on horse, Linda, Bill and Kathy by wagon stay at Roosevelt Lodge.  View Lamar Valley late that evening or early Sunday

DAY 4 – Drive towards Mammoth Hot Springs, view Peterfied Tree, Hot Springs, Sheepeater Cliffs, Osibidan Cliffs, Roaring Mountain, Steamboat Geyser, Artist Paintpots, Gibbon River and Falls, Firehole River, Lower Basin, Paint Pot, Great Fountain Geyser, Grand Prismatic Spring, Moring Glory, Black Sand Basin, Old Faithful stay at Old Faithful Inn

DAY 5 – Drive to West Thumb Geyser, Grand Tetons, go to Jenny Lake – take ferry over and back to falls, continue to Jackson Hole stay at Ranch Inn in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

DAY 6 – White Water float and rafting trip, that evening watch the Wild West Shootout in Jackson Square, stay at Ranch Inn again

DAY 7 – Drive to Montpelier, ID visit Public Works Department, continue to Bryce Canyon stay at Best Western Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel, Utah

DAY 8 – visit Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park drive to Grand Canyon, stay at Bright Angel Lodge & Cabins rim of Grand Canyon, Arizona

DAY 9 – Drive to Peach Springs – jeep tour into bottom of Grand Canyon – back to Bright Angel Lodge for 2nd night

DAY 10 – Go to 4 Corners Monument, Mesa Verde in Cortez, Silverton, stay there at the Grand Imperial Hotel, Colorado

DAY 11 – Drive to ghost town Ironton, Million Dollar Highway to Hot Sulpher Springs, Colorado  – stay at Canyon Motel in Hot Sulpher Springs

DAY 12 – Go thru Rocky Mtn. National Park, to Estes Park, to Denver, supper at Buck Horn, stay at Days Inn near the airport

DAY 13 – Fly home arrive in Manchester NH at 2:40 our time

They are covering over 2,500 miles and 47 hours worth of driving in essentially 12 days!  For your viewing pleasure, here is a visual.

“SEE!  This is why I am the way I am!” 

But then again, he already knew I was my mother’s daughter.  And recognizes he’s damn lucky because of it!


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3 responses to “Why I Am the Way I Am

  1. I never unpack when we travel and hubby does :)

  2. Sonya

    Sounds like me! I am the perfect combo of my parents cleaning & organizational skills. In fact I think I got all of them because I don’t think my brothers have those skills.

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