Keep it Coming!

Or going, I suppose!


Blurry pictures but the results are clear, down another .8!

I will admit, when I got on the scale this morning, I was anxious and worried that I would be back over last week’s weigh-in. But when I saw 308.6, obviously lower than last week, my first thought was, “That’s It?!”  That feeling quickly dissipated though.  I will take .8 any day (every day!  please?).  This week I did succeed in getting two and a half workouts in, a short bike ride on Sunday am (to and from breakfast, hence the half), a solid 3.72 mile walk with a coworker on Tuesday, and a gym date with Kim last night that equalled a 47 min bike ride.  But I was also over my Points+ a bit too.  So .8, I’m proud of you!  And it gives me so much inspiration to do better.

Next week will be a bit tricky.  You see, I’ve got three meals out planned already!

Monday night Restaurant Week dinner reservations with Kate and Jamie…

Thursday night with Kim and Jess (followed by a Cirque du Soleil show!)…

Friday night dinner with Julie (in town for the whole weekend, wahoo!) and Hubs…

And of course, when people are in town, especially one of my favorite people, we have to go to Ted’s.  #poptartsinmyface

While I’m not fully sure how the bank account is going to plan for all this excitement (good thing today is payday!), I do know that my plan will be to have lighter, whole food filled lunches (no more Tootsie Pops which have become a “thing” the last two weeks at work), and get workouts in before work for at least each of those dining out days.  I also already have another walk with coworkers on the books for one of my only two “free” nights.

I know that a huge part of my journey THIS TIME has to be about balance.  I’m not going to turn down opportunities to spend time with people because they are food related.  I was pretty controlling the first time around, and while that obviously helped me lose 102.4 pounds in a year, it also meant that I simply did not eat out during the week.  Which in general is a good rule, for the waist and the wallet.  Weeks like these don’t happen often, so I am going to embrace all of the fun and not treat eating out as an obstacle, but rather just do a little more planning to accommodate it all.  Plus remind myself that it’s more about the people than the food.  Though, I would say if Ted’s poptarts were a person, we’d have a very, very, torrid love affair.

Happy Weekend folks!

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3 responses to “Keep it Coming!

  1. Kim

    How about spin class Thursday morning to ensure we can eat chips and guac that night?

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