Thankful Thursday

Taking a page out of super star Ali’s book (er, blog) today because I’m pumped about a few things this morning!

1.  The Average Temps for Sis’ Wedding Are Ahmazing! 

I’m super tired of our hot DC days and can’t WAIT to get back to VT to see family (hug my brother!) and friends, enjoy cooler temps, and most importantly watch my best friend/cousin/sister get married!

2.  I More Than Like My MATRON of Honor Dress!

I was SUPER worried about this kids, like panicky.  I had never tried it on (not that the samples in the stores fit plus girls well anyway), and only knew that it looked cute on my (thin) friends and that I really wanted a one shoulder dress.  But I’m actually really pleased! I think it’s going to look great! (Forgive the self portraits, but you get the idea!)

3.  I’ve Gotten Some GREAT Mail Recently!

Courtesy of Dorothy and Erica, I got this BEAUTIFUL custom charm bracelet that I am simply in love with!  The first three pics below are from Erica’s FB page (which you should totally like, her work is amazing).  Thank you ladies!

I also recently got a super box of greek yogurt from the wonderful folks at Chobani.  Did you know they recently launched new 16 oz containers?! 

I had lots of grand plans for greeking up some recipes, but Hubs LOVES his Cho and got to most of it before I did!  But I did create this delish blueberry greek yogurt, strawberry and cereal parfait for dinner after a sweaty walk after work the other night!  YUM.

4.  Despite Being 11 Years Old, My Car is Still Going

NOT having a car payment is pretty much HUGE right now.  My car was a gift (Thank you Mom and Dad!!) and it’s been super good to me for the past 11 years.  I really want a new car, a mom-mobile for the future family.  But the car I really want is brand new this year, and we want to wait a few models to make sure all the kinks are out.  Oh and it’s a bajillion dollars.

Hubs just paid off his car payment and if we could go a full year (or two!) without one, that would be major. 

5.  It’s the Freakin’ Weekend (Almost)!

I’m hoping for a low-key Friday night with Hubs, an EARLY morning bike ride Sat, followed by my beloved Ted’s with friends, and then possibly a boat day on Sunday.  Despite the heat, I love August, because Washington and most aspects of my job get REALLY quiet, and I kind of get to make my own hours #perk #donthate.  Meanwhile, is it REALLY almost September?  Pinterest in BLOWING UP with fall recipes, decor, etc.  I’m not complaining!  Bring on the cooler temps and Hokie Football!

What are you thankful for this Thursday?  And thanks for letting me borrow your idea, Ali! xo

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4 responses to “Thankful Thursday

  1. Love the dress and the bracelet! And great progress on your goals. I just read your last few posts and you know I believe in you. You’ll get there!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog today and have loved reading it :) And I love the Bridesmaid dress…too cute!

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