The other night, Fancy and I were trying to think of where we got the “Get it Girl!” chant from.  My suspicion is TLC’s Toddlers in Tiaras.  Yeah, I watch it.

But anyway…

Happy Friday!  I think it’s a “Get it Girl! kind of day!  First, how flipping (literally) awesome was Gabby Douglas’ gold medal performance yesterday! Ahmazing. 

Somebody get that girl a tiara to go with her gold medal(s)! 

And how mature! I swear, at 16, nobody could have convinced me to move away from home to pursue a dream or a gift.  She sounds so wise in her interviews.  Some of my favorite quotes from her over the past couple of days:

“Hard days are where champions are made. If you push through the hard days you can get through anything.”

“Sacrifices are not in vain.  At the end, everything will pay off.”

You know, she is so right.

#getitgirl #booyeah

Somebody get ME a tiara!  That’s down 3.8 pounds this week, my friends!  I am so happy and pleased with myself.

This week, I REALLY tried to focus on tracking and eating within my points+.  That obviously paid off.  However, I didn’t make it to they gym at all.  That has to be part of this for me too.  3.8 is a big number, but weight loss cannot be sustained for me if I don’t combine it with exercise. So this upcoming week, I will work on adding that in too.

No big plans for this weekend.  Hoping slightly lower temps will encourage a bike ride with Hubs, and we have mountains of laundry to do this weekend.  Tonight we are headed out for dinner, and tomorrow, we are making dinner in.  Balance. 

It feels SO good to be in control (again/of at least one thing in my life)!  Happy Weekend!

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