Olympic Fever

I caught it.  For the first time too!  I’ve never been as excited about the Olympics as I am for this year – you’d think they were happening in DC!  Perhaps because this year is truly being dubbed the first “Social Games” with the expansion of social media since the 2008 games.  Regardless, I’m excited to watch the opening ceremonies tonight, and rock my red, white and blue Sparkly Soul headband at the gym tomorrow!

Oh and this – no words.  Except LOVES IT!  Happy Hunger Games Olympics!

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2 responses to “Olympic Fever

  1. I caught it too!!! The trials a few weeks ago were such a tease and I’ve been dying for these games to start. Totally do excited happy claps whenever commercials for the Olympics come on (even the P&G and Visa ones that feature olympians).

  2. Katie @ Legally Fit

    I’m really into it to!i kind of wish I was aware of them when they took place in lake placid back in the eighties- two hours from my hometown! Your headband sounds super cute. Hope you are having a great weekend!

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