I really try to keep work and GwenniePie/personal social media completely separate, if only because my job doesn’t quite get “it” yet.  Seeing as I’ve been blogging for nearly the entire 8 years I’ve been here, and I’m still gainfully employed and it’s never been an issue, I’d say my decision has been a sound one.  I also address pretty personal issues (and, gasp, insecurities) when I blog, and while many coworkers KNOW I blog, it’s not a “thing” if you will.

However, today I’m going to talk in general terms about work.  I’m headed out-of-town for our annual meeting on Friday.  The day I fly home will actually be my 8 year anniversary with GwenniePieCo, and I can honestly say, that I love my job.  Even the psychic Maria that I saw two weeks ago (YES! I saw a psychic at a girlfriend’s birthday party.  Also, I went to NYC this weekend.  I need to start blogging on the regular…), sensed that I love what I do, that everyone at GPCo loves me and that things in this department are beyond AOK.

When I started 8 years ago, my job was much different.  I was fresh out of college, had been nannying full-time for 5 months (for an amazing family, her’s to be exact), and yet was desperate for a “grown up” job.  Which is why I accepted an entry-level job that would allow me to take home LESS than I made nannying (true story, though the hours weren’t as long!) in order to start my career.  I was between an intern and a staff assistant by DC standards.  My most important daily tasks involved photo copying and distributing a daily DC newsletter and sending out electronic correspondence to members.  I was the department bitch.  The fun thing, 8 years later, is that those are all still my jobs! PLUS moderating and coordinating major industry meetings, covering legislative issues, working on GPCo communications, and most recently, creating and implementing our social media strategy. I feel truly blessed that I love my job 8 years later.  That it has continued to grow with me, to change and become a position that I own and that I excel at.  And I love the people.  And luckily, they love me too.  I’ve been recognized for the last 5 years as one of the top ten employees at GPCo by my peers.  That’s huge to me. “They like me, they really like me!” I take that shiz to heart.

So as I embark on this, my eighth annual meeting with GPCo (Vegas, Seattle, San Diego, DC, Philly, Dallas, Atlanta and now Phoenix) where we have 6:45am staff meetings and work 13 hour days (and then stay out much too late socially), I am excited to spend time with my coworkers outside of the office.  My feet hurt already, I dread the little sleep I will receive, and I miss my husband already too.  But I know it will be great!

This is a REALLY LONG way to say – I’m disappearing for the week!  Don’t forget me! I plan to be BACK in an even better and bigger way in early May!

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