Fifty Shades of Book Club

This weekend I got together with my favorite ladies to discuss our first ever book club selection, “Double Bind” by Chris Bohjalian.  It was a good read and a surprising one that I very much enjoyed.  However, I finished it months ago (we’re a slow little book club). In fact, I read it four books ago.  I followed it with “Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime” by Mark Halperin.  It too, was a great read.  Sidebar – I’m oddly fascinated with Sarah Palin.  It started with reading Meghan McCain’s “Dirty Sexy Politics,” which I read because I saw her on Chelsea Lately.  “Going Rogue” was a great read – though I cannot support her politics, I still contend that Sarah Palin and her family would have made great neighbors growing up in Vermont.  But I digress.

Book club.  “Double Bind.”  Not actually the book that I wanted to talk about.  If you know me IRL, you know I’ve only had three books on my brain since the end of March.

These books CONSUMED me. I read the first one in a day and a half, exceptionally speedy for me.  By day 3, I’d read the first two, and I finished the third within the week.  I was reading them on my iPhone at my desk at lunch (scandalous!).  At stop lights (for some ridiculous reason, I had to leave the couch!). They are literally all that I can discuss with anyone.  And I’ve now read them all twice.  Well the “good parts” at least.  Yes.  That’s right, the “good parts.”

It’s no secret that these books are a bit…naughty?  Dirty?  Graphic?  They’ve been all over the news, and the cover of Entertainment Weekly.  I decided to read them, just to see what the buzz was.  The buzz is entirely appropriate.  I now follow far too many Twitter accounts associated with this book and its characters.  No, really.

I’m dying to see them made into a movie (could they even show it in the theatre?!).  I considered starting a blog JUST about them (which I changed my mind about, Hubs is significantly more private than I am) because without going into too many details, these books “inspired” me if you will.  They are crack.  They are Harlequin Romance novels on steroids, speed, and with a massive soundtrack blaring in the background.   Not that I’ve ever read a Harlequin Romance novel, but for assumption sake.

Please do yourself a favor.  I won’t stop bugging you until you read them.  I’d let you borrow them, but they are on my Kindle (and my iPhone, and I might make Hubs read them too – NO REALLY).  I’m not going to stop talking about them.  Addicted.  Or, as the fans say on the Twitter #Greysessed.

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8 responses to “Fifty Shades of Book Club

  1. smklie

    Hahahaha… “BJ”.

  2. Okay, so I just started reading the first one since I kept hearing so much about it, and, well, you know… ahaha. But I’m like 20% into it, and while I’ll admit that the steamy part thus far has been, in fact, rather scintillating, I’m not sure I’ll even be able to finish it! I’m generally not a very critical person, but the writing is just SO poor, it’s hard for me to believe that this ever went through a professional editor. Maybe I’ll change my mind if I can get through a little bit more, but it honestly reads like the fan fiction it started as. Which would be fine, if I hadn’t had to pay for it, haha.

    • Fair point, well made (okay that’s a quote from the book, but I agree with the statement!). I didn’t even get into the back story – I’m just a little too obsessed with the scintillating bits – Haha! But yes, they are fan fiction (which I’m not sure I even knew existed before I read them) and they are certainly not works of literary genius. I appreciate them for what they are, a quick and dirty read. Do you Kindle? If I can figure out how to loan books and you are interested in reading the other two, I’m happy to save you the moola.

      You and I are both in the same boat with HP (OMG your bday party looked amazeballs) and HG – were you a Twilight fan too? I mean, I know you like the Vampire Diaries :) Not to change your impression of Christian Grey, but people on Twitter want the Vampire Diaries’ star (Ian?) to play him in a movie adaptation.


  3. I bought it for my ipad for haven’t started yet. I’ve hesitated because of some of the bad reviews from friends, mostly that it’s not well written and kind of not well developed in terms of characters. But I’m probably going to read it on my next get away! If you loved it, I’m going to also! :)

  4. Kristin

    Hi, Gwen,
    Checked out your blog after a referral from a mutual friend, Kristen McG., told me about it and really enjoy it. I, too, have been struggling with weight issues for years and after reading your blog last week started the couch-5K program at today’s walk/run session with Kristen and some other moms. Thanks for the additional nudge and inspiration on my never-ending quest to be the best me I can be. I’ll be checking back for more inspiration!

    Also, just picked up the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy after your exciting review. Who doesn’t love a hot read? ;)

    Be well,

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