The City I Love and Never Plan to Leave

District 1.5 : HDR Time-lapse from Drew Geraci on Vimeo.

Thank you, We Love DC for sharing this beautiful and amazing time-lapse video of the city I call home by Drew Geraci.  Seriously, even this week with the oppressive heat, I still love DC with all my heart and never plan to leave.  At least not for long.

From Rebecca at We Love DC,

Via the power of the interwebs, I stumbled across this awesome HDR time-lapse by Drew Geraci. The shots were taken over a 3 day period, during which Geraci was stopped 9 times by the National Parks Service and 3 times by DC Metro police; post-production (rendering, editing, etc.) took Geraci only 1 day. This is the photogs first full scale production time-lapse using the new HDR technique that he’s developed from his own personal photography experience.

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