What About the ‘Maids?!

I told myJulie, one of my fab Maids, on the phone last week that I feel like I should be doing more than watching the blogs and noting what I like in my head.  We have so many details that still need to be laid out!  I find myself in the mindset of “We have a whole year” but that time is already rapidly shrinking.  Wasn’t it just barely 10.10.09?!  It’s nearly November now.  Without much settled, I have little guidance for the Maids.  I’ve toyed with the idea of letting them pick a dress at will in a given color or keeping within the same designer and letting them choose the style, or going the uniform route.  I am less inclined to do that the later though.  And yet, I feel like there has to be some guidance on what I’d like.  Essentially, I’ve got as much for my fair Maids as I do for myself: a page full of pictures and lots of good ideas!

And aren’t you lucky, today I’m going to share some of my favorites.  Again, apologies for the lack of photo cred in some cases!

Style Me Pretty Blacks

(Image from Style Me Pretty)

Style Me Pretty posted a Bridesmaids Dress Roundup recently that gave lots of options for Bridesmaid attire.  (Thank you Abby and Carrie!)  I loved the ideas for different little black dresses.  As costs have continued to rise on our end, I do not want to put-out any of my Maids by asking them to buy an iridescent orangey fuchsia dress that they will likely never wear again (but don’t take that as a promise girls, I still may!).  The idea of selecting a black dress that they would genuinely use again is really appealing.  I also like this idea in a pewter or charcoal grey color.  In either case, I’d give them the pop of color in their flowers or perhaps another accessory that would still tie it all together.  Not that it has to be all tied up in a pretty bow.  I want it to feel organic – not in the recycling Vermonty way, but in a natural, comfortable way.  Cause that’s who we are.  In any case, I love the look of each of these, especially the top 6.

I mentioned pewter and charcoal – I love this look too and think it is so pretty when accented by a bright pink or orange (okay, for a girl who hasn’t made many decisions, I do have a small vision and yes, pink, orange and then another jewel tone, perhaps a blue or green or maybe a chocolatey brown - and um, I’ve yet to discuss this with H).  Check out these beauties.

GORGEOUS - a little too soft for me, but beautiful with the pinks.  No credit for this one!

GORGEOUS - a little too soft for me, but beautiful with the pinks. No credit for this one!

Another pretty grey, still a smidge soft...

Another pretty grey, still a smidge soft...

This one is a little more bold, like me.  And I LURVE it.  From Style Me Pretty

This one is a little more bold, like me. And I LURVE it. From Style Me Pretty

Then there is always the buy anything you want in this color family.  But I feel that might be too much pressure for the girls.  It is afterall, my wedding.  Er, OUR wedding.  And we make the decisions.  While I don’t want to put-out my bridesmaids by being a dictator or ::gasp:: bridezilla, I also don’t want to stress them out by making the dress process more hectic and not defined.  Regardless, love this bride’s look with her maids in coordinating yet uniquely individual dresses.


(Photoby Lumiere Imaging)

I also simply love Lela Rose’s work.  The dresses from her and The Dessy Group are so sweet.  Click here to see a personal fave (Lela Rose Style LR102 in Charcoal).  I also love me some Thread (Liddy Mini Length) but at $290, not even an option.  But a girl can dream!  And I have to hand it to David’s Bridal – they have some very cute options as well.  And MUCH more budget friendly.  Check out this cutie.

Davids_BM_Dress_83603 copy

(David’s Bridal 83603)

There are so many choices!  I promise my ladies that I will not send them down the aisle nekid.  And also, that you will not have to wear this:






Well…maybe JUST the hat.  Actually, this looks like something I’ve seen in a family member’s album…

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  1. Totally gorgeous black dresses in your above montage. Love them all. And I love the idea of letting the girls pick whatever dress is most flattering to them – that Lumiere photo is just awesome – they all look put together and gorgeous! I’m sure whatever you decide will be fabulous!

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